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What is this all ABOUT?

The Challenge

Use technology to improve your local government. Tap into your community pride and your activist spirit, bring your ideas and your technological know-how and take the Challenge. Showcase your own ideas or collaborate with others in your community to see how quickly and accurately you can design and create a software app or concept that addresses a community need in Alameda County.

The Goal

One Day… one goal…and many ideas!

Learn about local government and the services that are provided and determine how you can make a difference.

Join your peer designers, software developers, and innovators and participate in a day of fun, food, and technology. Using Alameda County datasets, Build, Design, Create, and Share new concepts and apps that will benefit local education and literacy, improve civic engagement, provide support for neighborhood watches / crime prevention, and help support services and activities for seniors. Submitted apps can run on the web, or on mobile devices.

Take home one of many awesome prizes for creating the best app and/or innovative concept. Who knows – your ideas and initiative could spawn the next successful technology startup, or launch your career in public office!

Tap the power of community creativity, technology and government transparency – and let the ideas flow! Start by checking out to jumpstart your journey on the Alameda County Apps Challenge!

About Us...

Alameda County, California, was established in 1853. It was given the local name for the region, Alameda, which translated loosely as "a grove of poplars." The County enjoys a varied geography ranging from urban marinas to rolling open spaces to hillside lakes and streams. Alameda is the seventh most populous county in California, and has 14 incorporated cities and several unincorporated communities. The total population is about 1.5 million. Oakland is the seat of County government and the largest city. Alameda County is known for its diversity and culture, and is recognized as one of the best counties in which to live, work, and do business.