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Congratulations to all of the teams that presented at the ACApps Challenge.

1st Place - Green By Me

Our winning app displays Alameda County green businesses. It includes a map showing where the businesses are located. The cool part of this app is that you can check-in at the businesses and earn badges for doing so.

2nd Place - Where to Dump It

This app attempts to answer the question, "Where can you dispose of hazardous waste?" The app uses Google maps to display disposal locations. You can filter the map by types of hazardous waste like batteries, paint, and solvents.

3rd Place - Home School

The goal of this app is to help parents make a more educated decision when buying a house. The premise is to provide parents with public school ratings and private school costs in a particular area. The idea is to determine how much more it might cost to live in a neighborhood with poor public schools where you might send your children to a private school.

Honorable Mentions