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Photo of trophies with the word Congratulations.

The WINNERS are...

First Place...ACcess Help

ACcess Help is an app that helps you be prepared for a disaster. It also includes information that would be useful after the disaster with information about local shelters and the ability to text your location to emergency responders if you need assistance.

Photo of the first place winners.

Second Place...Is This Biz Green

A quick-to-use location based app that tells people whether local businesses are certified green businesses. It uses the Alameda County Green Business dataset and can be accessed at:

Photo of the second place winners.

Third Place...Alameda Move

The "Girls in Tek" team designed Alameda Move which aspires to make a positive impact in the health of the community by reducing obesity rates. The app would engage users with their friends and connect them to each other and activities in local parks etc. IT will encourage kids to have fun outside and be fit with buddies. It will encourage healthy habits in a fun way.

Photo of the third place winners.

ESRI Innovator Prize...AC Jobs

A platform that helps people find job opportunities or community services in Alameda County. It includes career opportunities but also uses Esri technology to map local opportunities for people to earn money such as walking dogs, house cleaning, or yard work.

Photo of the ESRI Innovator prize.

Some Honorable Mentions...

My Farm

The My Farmer app is like Yelp! for farmer's markets. However, it does more than just list and rate Farmer's Markets. It also includes features for low-income users like if food stamps are accepted by the farmers at the market.


This app helps to find venues in Alameda County that are available to book.