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Photo of trophies with the word Congratulations.

The WINNERS are...

First Place...AC Smart Eco-Drive

AC Smart Eco-Drive is an app for GPS enabled mobile devices that reduces fuel consumption and protects the environment. This app also gives the most efficient route.

Photo of the first place winners.

Second Place...Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness is an app that provides shelter locations, alert subscriptions, emergency phone numbers, safety kit, info, etc.

Photo of the second place winners.

Third Place...Let's Play

Let's Play is an app that connects Alameda residents who desire to play a sport at a local park, but have an insufficient amount of players.

Photo of the third place winners.

Some Honorable Mentions...


CyberSense is a website/app with the goal of raising awareness amongst Alameda County Tweens/Teens about safety when using different forms of social media that are popular.


ServAC is a community service app that will help people easily find volunteer opportunities that are of interest to them.

On the Go

On the Go is an app that helps find the closest bathrooms to your current location. It operates on County's data and user feedback as well.